Take care how you speak to yourself, you’re the only one listening.

Did you know the goal is not to be 100% happy with your body 100% of the time?

The goal is to be more loving and kind to your body so that you can start taking care of it because you like yourself––not punishing it because you hate yourself.

Just a few years ago, I couldn't get off the diet rollercoaster. I had spent decades hating myself and my body. The cycle was insidious and destructive. The more weight I gained, the more I hated myself. I had no clue that it was possible to love myself just as I was.

Until one day, I stopped. I couldn't do it anymore.

I dug in and started doing the work necessary to reach a life of freedom from my inner mean girl. I learned powerful tools that allowed me to transform my thinking—from a mindset of self-judgment to a mindset of self-worth.

I made peace with my body.

And then, one day, I woke up in the middle of a mad love affair with myself.

I started a coaching practice to help other women, like me, free themselves from their own inner mean girls. As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I will teach you all the same powerful tools I've learned for a life filled with self-love. 

Self-appreciation starts with small purposeful baby steps. The first step is as simple as signing up for a complimentary discovery session. 

During your session, we will get very clear on what keeps you in self-loathing and out of self-liking. Then we will identify the current blocks keeping you on the self-judgment Ferris wheel so you can experience a new kind of JOY!

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"I've spent my entire life hiding for fear of the judgment of others. The work that I did with Jaclyn has been a powerful catalyst to unapologetically putting myself out there and allowing myself to be seen without allowing my paralyzing fears to prevent me from the growth and evolution I was so deeply craving."

Sarah M.

"I've come a long way with accepting and loving myself in a way I didn't know was possible. As well as self-acceptance, Jaclyn has guided me in streamlining my wants and needs in life. My world seems less cluttered and moving in a clean, positive, healthy direction"

Sharon C.

I am grateful you are here!

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