You Have a Right to Remain Fat - A book signing with Virgie Tovar

by Jaclyn McCabe August 28, 2018

Virgie Tovar You Have The Right To Remain FAt

Jaci Blue Boutique is excited to host acclaimed body image expert,

Virgie Tovar, for a reading, Q&A and signing of her new book 

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN FAT: A manifesto for the fat revolution.

Thursday, October 4th at 6:30 pm

Jaci Blue

2111 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70130 

You must pre-purchase the book from Jaci Blue to attend.


Virgie Tovar Book Signing New Orleans

Growing up as a fat girl, Virgie Tovar believed that her body was something to be fixed. But after two decades of dieting and constant guilt, she was over it—and gave herself the freedom to trust her own body again. Ever since she’s been helping others to do the same.

Tovar is hungry for a world where bodies are valued equally, food is free from moral judgment, and you can jiggle through life with respect. In concise and candid language, she delves into unlearning fatphobia, dismantling sexist notions of fashion, and rejecting diet culture’s greatest lie: that fat people need to wait before beginning their best lives.


“The importance of Virgie Tovar’s perspective and identity cannot be understated. As we collectively deconstruct our society’s addiction to body negativity, Virgie’s words provide crucial guidance, clarity, and support for all those who champion universal body liberation.” —Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga

“This book feels like spending a margarita-soaked day at the beach with your smartest friend. Virgie Tovar shares juicy secrets and makes revolutionary ideas viscerally accessible. You’ll be left enlightened, inspired, happier, and possibly angrier than when you started.” —Joy Nash, actress

“In this bold new book, Tovar eviscerates diet culture, proclaims the joyous possibilities of fatness, and shows us that liberation is possible.”—Sarai Walker, author of Dietland





Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe