There Will Be Cupcakes 🎂

by Jaci McCabe March 28, 2017

 Can you believe it's been a year since Jaci Blue opened? I can't believe I've know some of you for over a decade when I opened my first plus size boutique.  Old friends and new friends are what inspire me to keep doing the deal.  I have learned so much about life from each one of you beauties, I hope I have given a little bit of that back.
My favorite part of having store events is the gathering of women and watching you all encourage each other as you try on various styles.  I am so proud of this shop, this is safe place for women to be themselves. There have been so many joys shared within these dressing rooms this past year and never once a tear. (I think we've all cried in enough dressing rooms for one lifetime, I know I have)
Please come celebrate this milestone with me!




Jaci McCabe
Jaci McCabe


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